Tayda Electronics Kits

Instructions for the Electronics Kits sold at the Tayda Electronics store.


100W LED Power Meter

100 Watt LED Power Meter with 10 LED Steps

3rd Brake Light Flasher

Create a 3rd brake light kit to power an LED matrix

VU Meter Man

Build a 5 step LED stereo VU meter man with mustache.

Super Hard On

Rated as one of the best guitar boosters, this classic and simple DIY project is the Super Hard On. The gain is a negative-feedback control styled after classic 60's recording console inputs.

Distortion Plus

The Distortion + has the ability to generate various personalities of overdrive, distortion or fuzz, depending on the way you play the guitar. This popular pedal is one of the DIY classics.

Les Lius

The LES LIUS emulates the sounds of the vintage Fender amps. It has a toggle switch that allows you to change tones from Tweed Fender Deluxe, High Power Twin and Master Volume.

English Man

This pedal emulates a VOX AC amplifier working at the limit. It has the ability to work as a clean boost or an overdrive depending on the volume and gain control, offering a great dynamic response and open sound.


This guitar pedal offers a very smooth type of overdrive similar to the saturation generated by a vacuum tube. It is perfect to play blues and rock, adding a smooth saturation and good sustain.


This pedal can generate every tone you need. The Crunch channel provides from soft overdrive to hard rock distortion. The High Gain channel offers from rock gain stages to high-gain shred. Additionally a Boost will add extra volume to your pedal output.

Box of Rock

The Box of Rock pedal emulates the JTM45 tone. This pedal has great headroom and you will be able to control the distortion by using the guitar volume knob.

Linear Power Booster

This pedal is the classic LPB booster, used for extra boost and definition. It will increase the gain and saturation of your amp.


The COT 50 gives a boost to the guitar with a unique tube-like sound. It can be used as a clean boost, crunch boost or overdrive. It has only one knob to control the amount of gain.

One Knob Fuzz

This is the One Knob Fuzz, a high gain fuzz with a very smooth response. This pedal is a classic DIY project, it is very easy to build and has a great fuzz sound.

EP Booster

EP Booster is perfect to boost the guitar adding some sparkle and definition.

Purple Plexi 800

The Purple Plexi is a powerful distortion pedal with plexi-style amps tone. It is very dynamic and touch-sensitive distortion, perfect for rock music.

Distortus Maximus

Distortus Maximus is a high-gain distortion pedal with three-band equalization. It produces rich harmonics and massive amount of gain ideal to play metal.

Fuzz Factory

The Fuzz Factory is a five-knob fuzz pedal with huge range of sound possibilities. This is classic DIY pedal project that can be built with either germanium or silicon transistors.


This is the classic Guv’nor, a high-gain distortion pedal. It has a vintage valve amp sounding, with a wide range of distortion and three knobs to control the tone. It is a perfect pedal for blues, rock or metal.

Fuzz Face

This is the Fuzz Face, the legendary fuzz distortion pedal. With this PCB you can build the original or many other variants using either Germanium or Silicon transistors.

JFET preamp

A preamplifier with Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET) makes your guitar sounds great, operating in similar manner to the vacuum tubes. This circuit is very simple to build and can be used as a booster.


The Tubescreamer is probably the most built overdrive pedal in the DIY community. The pedal has a characteristic mid-boosted tone perfect for soft rock and blues.


This is the RAT, one of the most popular distortion effects from the 80s. It performs very nice high-gain distortion suitable for metal, grunge or rock.

Dual Looper

The Dual Loop allows you to alternate between two different effect loops. It provides two switchable loops (send / return) with a single foot switch.

Klon Buffer

This simple and effective buffer improves the high frequency degraded by long cables or pedal chains.

OCD overdrive

This popular DIY pedal produces the dynamic feeling and harmonics typical of tube amps. It has a switch to control the overdrive brightness.

BSIAB2 Distortion

The most popular DIY high-gain distortion pedal is here. The Brown Sound In A Box version 2 (BSIAB2) is the excellent distortion pedal. It performs Marshall-type distortion that sounds great with low or high drive.

SMD Transistor PCB

Quality through-hole FETs are becoming hard to find, replacing them with their SMD version is the best solution. This PCB is designed for placing SMD transistors and easily substituting the through-hole ones.

Protoboard for 1590B enclosure

This board will definitely help you to build your DIY guitar pedal in the 1590B enclosure. Just built your effect circuit on the preperforated area of the PCB. Led, jacks and footswitch are mounted on the PCB, being only necessary to wi

Big Muff

This is the legendary Big Muff! This unique fuzz distortion pedal provides rich harmonics and a huge dose of sustain.

Tone Bender

This is the Tonebender, one of the most iconic fuzz effects from the 60s.

Box of Metal

The Box of Metal is a high-gain distortion pedal great for metal and hard rock.

OD-1 Overdrive

The OD-1 is a legendary overdrive pedal. With only two knobs (gain and volume) creates warm and vintage overdrive tones.

EA Tremolo

This is the EA Tremolo, classic and simple DIY guitar effect project. This pedal varies the volume automatically over the time with speed and intensity controls.

Dr Q Autowah

Dr Q is a classic autowah DIY project. This envelope filter effect is highly interactive with the dynamics of the input signal, creating a distinctive choppy rhythm guitar similar to the funk recordings from the 1970s.


The Zendrive delivers the perfect balance of saturation and tone. It comes with four knobs to control the gain, volume, tone and voicing.

Fuzz Factory 1590B

This is the Fuzz Factory in a 1590B enclosure, a classic DIY fuzz pedal project that can be built with either germanium or silicon transistors.

Dr Boogie Distortion

Dr Boogie Distortion is a JFET emulation of the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo Head.

Red Llama

The Red Llama is a very versatile and easy to build pedal. With just few components and two knobs, it delivers great overdrive and distortion.

Blues Breaker

This is the Blues Breaker, a very popular DIY pedal. It gives a very dynamic range, from transparent to overdriven sound.

Full Drive

The Full Drive is a very versatile overdrive pedal with several clipping options and boost.

Distortus Maximums (1590B Enclosure)

Distortus Maximus is a high-gain distortion pedal with three-band equalization. It produces rich harmonics and massive amount of gain ideal to play metal.

Box of Rock (3 knobs)

The Box of Rock pedal emulates the JTM45 tone. This project simplifies the original circuit by removing the boost section, fitting in a 1590B enclosure with 3 knobs.

Footswitch 3PDT PCB

This PCB is placed on the base of the 3PDT footswitch. It will help you to wire all the components of the pedal, keep a neat circuit and reduce the noise.


This pedal emulates the sound and dynamics of a cranked Fender Tweed Champ.

Amp Eleven

This pedal provides a classic overdriven tube amp tone with an extra gain booster.


This pedal is designed to emulate the sound of a cranked 5E3 Tweed amplifier.