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Instructions for the Electronics Kits sold at the Tayda Electronics store.

DIY Projects

Projects for everyday life. From strobe lights and hobby accessories to led matrices and musical projects. Outlined instructions with options to create and modify each project.

Learning Projects

Help on basic circuits and electronics concepts.

Arduino Projects

All projects and kits that incorporate Arduino development boards and code set in their configuration.

DIY Guitar Effects

Pedals, effects and other cool projects related to guitar effects


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Popular Instructions


Orange Squeezer

The Orange Squeezer is a classic DIY guitar project. This simple circuit provides an effective and smooth compression effect. It is perfect to control and shape the dynamics of the guitar sound.

Amp Eleven

This pedal provides a classic overdriven tube amp tone with an extra gain booster.

Box of Rock

The Box of Rock pedal emulates the JTM45 tone. This pedal has great headroom and you will be able to control the distortion by using the guitar volume knob.