Arduino Projects

All projects and kits that incorporate Arduino development boards and code set in their configuration.


Parola for Arduino

Parola is an Arduino-based modular scrolling text display using MAX7219/21 LED matrix display controllers. The display is made up of any number of identical modules that are plugged together to create a wider/longer display.

Arduino Based Memory Game - PCB

A Simon-says type game that can be easily made from scratch with a few parts and an Arduino

Simple Arduino Based Memory Game on Breadboard

A beginner-level Simon-says type memory game. A great 1 day project to entertain and impress your friends!

Arduino PID Controller Shield

This easy-to-make shield converts your Arduino into a full-featured PID controller.

Canon DSLR Intervalometer

Bluetooth controlled intervalometer for doing time lapse photography with your canon DSLR.

The Breadboarduino

An Arduino on a breadboard.

Uno R3 Starter Kit

Everything that you need to get started experimenting with microprocessors!