Created by Breandan P O'Shaughnessy
Status: Active

Canon DSLR Intervalometer Step 1 of 7


This project uses the free version of Toothfairy for Android combined with an HC-06 bluetooth transceiver to create a simple intervalometer for Canon DSLRs.  The App and companion library allow for extremely rapid development of android interfaces to arduino devices. 

The Canon camera in the demonstration uses a cable release connector that is just a 2.5 stereo audio jack.  Pulling the tip to ground triggers the shutter.  Pulling the ring to ground (base is ground) triggers the autofocus.

The arduino then uses 2 2N4401 NPN transistors to pull each pin low.  In order to keep the camera from automatically shutting itself off, if no photo has been taken in the last 10 seconds it triggers the auto focus.  The android interface shows a text field that can be used to set the interval between photos for time lapse photography.  Setting the interval to 0 turns off time lapse mode.  There is also a button labeled "snap" that triggers the shutter once.  This allows the device to be used as a remote control.