Simple Arduino Based Memory Game on Breadboard

A beginner-level Simon-says type memory game. A great 1 day project to entertain and impress your friends!

Created by Jeremy Wilson
Status: Active

Simple Arduino Based Memory Game on Breadboard Step 1 of 5


This project will guide you through the steps to create your own memory game just like Simon says. Other than the arduino, all parts for this project can be obtained through Tayda. This is a beginner level project that requires no soldering. If you succeed at making this project, and you would like to make a permanent version of this game, check out my other guide - "Arduino Based Memory Game - PCB"

You can see this project in action here:

This project covers the following concepts:

  • Reading button states
  • Illuminating LEDs
  • Generating tones

It is recommended to read the following Arduino tutorials before beginning this project so that you understand where the code & circuit came from: