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100W LED Power Meter Step 1 of 8


100 Watt LED Power Meter with 10 LED Steps. For home, car or work

How loud is 50 watts? Visually measure your wattage output of your amp or receiver, or any device that uses a loudspeaker, like an old guitar amp. LED steps at 0.2w, 0.4w, 0.8w, 1.6w, 3w, 6w, 13w, 25w, 50w, and 100w steps. 4 different LED colors to mix or match with your meter scale.

Requires 12~20v DC power to operate. Simple to build with only 4 resistors, 1 capacitor, 1 IC, and 10 LEDs. Hookup wires included. Learn the real assembly as it is up to you to layout your parts on the preformatted board. Schematics and parts are included to complete this project, along with a quick reference guide for parts polarity and the likes.

This guide will walk you through changing the configuration of the power meter.  A SPDT switch is added to change between bar mode and dot mode. A couple pin headers are added to switch the postive post resistors depending on the resistance of speakers being used with the amp.

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