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Step 1: The Regulator Step 5 of 12

The first thing we will do is wire up the 5v regulator so that we can safely power our shift register. Start by placing the 5v regulator onto the breadboard as shown in the picture below. Connect the ground and output wires to the rails on the side of the breadboard. Be sure to leave two wires to attach your 9v battery,

Also make sure to connect the rails on both side of the breadboard. Ground rail to ground rail, positive rail to positive rail. Note the 2 wires near the bottom of the picture that connect the rails to eachother.

Then take a red LED and a 560 Ohm resistor and wire them in series to the 5v rail and the ground rail. Make sure that the flat side of the LED is connected to the negetive rails as shown in the picture.

Now connect a battery or other power source to the input of the 5v regulator and ground. The red LED should light up.