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  1. 1x Copper clad board
  2. 1x DC jack for PCB female
  3. 8x Resistor 5K 1/4W metal film (not critical, 47K, 10K...)
  4. 1x Resistor 10K 1/4W
  5. 10x Resistor 1K 1/4W (for LED, note that PIC can give around 10-20mA as out)
  6. 2x Electrolitic capacitor 2x 100uF (not critical, we use stabilized DC anyway)
  7. 2x Capacitor 2x 22pF (in conjuction with Crystal, this value will work with most of them, not needed for ceramic resonators)
  8. 1x Crystal or ceramic resonator (frequency as you wish and supported by PIC)
  9. 8x Push button latch 6mm
  10. 1x Push button momentary 
  11. 10x LED 3mm, colour as you like 
  12. 4x Rotary linear potentiometer 5K
  13. 2x 40 pin 2.54mm single female header (48 pins in total)
  14. 5x 40 Pin DIP SIP IC Sockets Adaptor Solder Type
  15. 1x 40 pin 2.54mm single male header (5 pins in total) 
  16. Knowledge on how to make a PCB board

Of course you will need programmer (PICKITII clone or similar) and some PIC's too. You can get them on Tayda!