Mini Guitar Amp

This mini guitar amplifier is based on the Ruby Amp ( It delivers ½ Watt at 9V, being perfect as a home practice amp. It has gain and volume control, offering a very dynamic sound on any speaker.

Created by DHEA
Status: Active

Enclosure and wiring Step 4 of 4


Snap off the anti-rotation tab on top of the potentiometers with a pair of flat nose spliers.

Mount the assembled PCB and the rest of the components (DC and 3.5 jack connectors, 9V battery clip, led...) in a metal enclosure. Connect the ground of the circuit to the enclosure (the GND of the input and output jacks are in contact with the enclosure). This mini guitar amplifier is a very popular project; check other DIY enthusiasms work for inspiration.


You can power up the amp with a DC adapter (9-12 V) or a battery. The following figure shows the connections for a DC connector as negative tip (standardized Boss style 2.1 mm with a negative tip orientation). You can either use mono or stereo input jack. The stereo input jack acts as a switch when the input cable is inserted.




Place a 100nF capacitor on C6 and connect a switch to Sw.