Mini Guitar Amp

This mini guitar amplifier is perfect as a home practice amp. It has gain and volume control, offering a very dynamic sound.

Created by DHEA
Status: Active

Enclosure and wiring Step 4 of 4

Mount the assembled PCB and the rest of the components (DC and 3.5 jack connectors, 9V battery clip, led...) in a metal enclosure. Connect the ground of the circuit to the enclosure (the GND of the input and output jacks are in contact with the enclosure). The distance between the potentiometers is 28 mm (1100 mils).

Snap off the anti-rotation tab on top of the potentiometers with a pair of flat nose spliers.



You can power up the amp with a DC adapter (9-12 V) or a battery. The following figure shows the connections for a DC connector as negative tip (standardized Boss style 2.1 mm with a negative tip orientation). You can either use mono or stereo input jack. The stereo input jack acts as a switch when the input cable is inserted.




Place a 100nF capacitor on C6 and connect a switch to SW.