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Bass Booster Hogs Foot

Discussion about Bass Booster Hogs Foot

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Box of Rock

Discussion about Box of Rock

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Box of Rock no signal when effects are on by JaseSerre over 7 years ago
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Distortion Plus

Discussion about Distortion Plus

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Off board wiring issue on 3pdt on ENCLOSURE AND WIRING by charles phelps about 10 years ago
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Electra Distortion

Discussion about Electra Distortion

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Has anyone used this pedal yet? by Alexi almost 8 years ago
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English Man

Discussion about English Man

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Discussion about Eternity

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Printable Instructions?? by Randall Guess about 10 years ago
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Les Lius

Discussion about Les Lius

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optional 1M resistor by Steven almost 10 years ago
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Linear Power Booster

Discussion about Linear Power Booster

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Mini Guitar Amp

Discussion about Mini Guitar Amp

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Discussion about Plexitone

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Making holes in aluminium enclosures. by Mike over 9 years ago
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Super Hard On

Discussion about Super Hard On

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whistling noise by Steven Brown over 7 years ago
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Treble Booster Brian May

Discussion about Treble Booster Brian May

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Treble Booster Screaming Bird

Discussion about Treble Booster Screaming Bird

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