Box of Rock

Box of Rock no signal when effects are on

I get my guitar sound coming through when both effects are bypassed, but when I activate either switch, the signal dies. I think something might be getting grounded where it shouldn't be. Should the input lug on the 3PDT switch have continuity with ground when the effect is on? My boost switch does have continuity with ground at all times, while my gain does not. Any help would be appreciated!


Hi...i think you should try ZVex Box. It is of Rock is extremely sensitive to your guitar's volume control, and on all but the most extreme distortion settings will clean up to a pristine spit-shine as you roll back the volume knob. The boost section is capable of boosting your guitar signal to fifty times unity gain.

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It may sound dumb, and you may have already tried, but did you accidentally switch the input and output wiring? Switch the cables and see what happens. I've done it a couple times to different pedals. You'll still get bypass signal, but nothing when circuit is activated.