Quick Light Kit

Simple flashlight using a few simple components!

Created by Andrew Jones
Status: Active

Steps To Build Step 3 of 3

  1. Put a blob of hot glue in the center of a wide side of the battery.
  2. Place the toggle switch on the blob of glue so the "lever" part is not covered at all.​
  3. Put the battery clip on, line the red (positive) lead up with the center pin on the switch, trim the wire a little longer than needed to reach that length.
  4. If using solder, solder the red (positive) lead to the center pin. If not soldering, wrap wire in center pin - make sure there is a good connection and put a dot of glue on that center pin.  ​​​
  5. Solder or glue on end of the resistor to the right pin of the switch. 
  6. Glue your LED of choice (white works best) to the bottom of the battery so the leads point up towards the side with the switch.
  7. Solder or glue the other end of the resistor to the long (positive) lead of the LED.
  8. Trim the black lead of the battery clip so its a little longer than needed to reach the short (negative) lead of the LED.
  9. Glue or solder that connection as well.
  10. Make sure no exposed wires (such as resistor leads or LED leads) are touching the battery or each other.