One Knob Fuzz

This is the One Knob Fuzz, a high gain silicon fuzz with a very smooth response. This pedal is a classic DIY project, it is very easy to build and has a great fuzz sound.

Created by DHEA
Status: Active

Drilling template Step 5 of 5

The attached drilling template is designed for the 1590B enclosure, including the "PCB FOR 1590B ENCLOSURE" (PCB and Instructions).


Download the template from the attachments, print it and mark the positions of the holes on the enclosure as follows:

  1. Print the templates in scale 1:1 (100% or real size). Use a ruler to check the scale is correct.
  2. Use a pushpin, needle or pen to perforate the paper over the drilling points.
  3. Cut the templates and use adhesive tape to make a paper box.
  4. Cover the enclosure with the paper box template and mark the drilling points
  5. Drill the enclosure. Note that the hole diameters can vary depending on the components you are using.