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Create the Oscillators Step 3 of 6

For this project, I used five 50K-Ohm potentiometers: four for the four square wave-generating oscillators, and one for gain. I connected these to the CD4093BE chip alongside four capacitors; experiment with different combinations - but here are the combinations I used:

  • Oscillator 1: 50KΩ Potentiometer, 4.7 μF Capacitor
  • Oscillator 2: 50KΩ Potentiometer, .22 μF Capacitor
  • Oscillator 3: 50KΩ Potentiometer, 1 μF Capacitor
  • Oscillator 4: 50KΩ Potentiometer, .22 μF Capacitor

​Using the CD4093BE datasheet as my guide, I connected the wiper and one non-wiper terminal of each potentiometer to the second input and the output of each NAND sub-circuit - so, one pot to pins 2 and 3, one to pins 4 and 5, one to pins 9 and 10, and one to pins 11 and 12).

Next, I connected each of those "second inputs" (pins 2, 5, 9, and 12) to ground via a capacitor (as listed above).

Then, I connected each of those outputs (pins 3, 4, 10, and 11) to the LM386, each through 1K Ohm resistors.