This is a simple power supply with little distribution board, which gives you +/-12 (or even 15, if you want to) and +5 (optional). You can brake the board, if you want to place PSU and distr. board on distance. Also you can connect souces to CV and Gate buses. It is not very useful for most modern modules, but if you creating your own stuff, you can really improve commutation. LM3x7 have to be on the heatsink, 7805 may be in thermal (not electrical) contact with ground plane. Q NAME VALUE Link 2 3296W 10k 2 RES 1k 3 RES 100k 2 CAP 100n 4 POLCAP 10u 2 POLCAP 470u 2 POLCAP 4700u 9 DIODE 1n400x 3 LED 4 HDR-1x3 6 HDR-2x8 1 LM317 1 LM337 1 LM7805  

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