This PCB is placed on the base of the 3PDT footswitch. It will help you to wire all the components of the pedal, keep a neat circuit and reduce the noise. COMPONENT LIST PCB                    3PDT FOOTSWITCH DIY PCB WIRING BOARD RD                      3.3K OHM 1/4W 1% METAL FILM RESISTOR LED                    LED 3MM GREEN 3PDT                  3PDT STOMP FOOT / PEDAL SWITCH BATT                  9V VOLT BATTERY CLIP / CONNECTOR SNAP JACK IN              6.35MM 1/4 JACK CHASSIS MONO JACK OUT           6.35MM 1/4 JACK CHASSIS STEREO DC                     DC POWER JACK 2.1MM   PCB           ASSEMBLY Mount the footswitch on the PCB. The PCB includes pads for the led and its current limiter resistor RD (2.2k - 4.7k).    Mount the resistor in vertical position as follows. WIRING Wire the components as indicated in the following figure.     ENCLOSURE The PCB fits in enclosures 1590A, 1590B, 1590BB…             LEGACY PCB V1  

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