Box of Rock

Gain switch on puts volume very low.

I finished putting together my Box of Rock clone I ordered from Tayda. Awesome prices! I just have one problem currently. The true bypass works and I can hear my guitar, then I hit the boost switch I get that awesome tone, volume boost and gain! All the knobs work and affect the signal. I love the sound of it. Unfortunately, when I hit the gain switch, the volume drops to an unusably low level, maybe 10% of what it is with the boost on, if that. When I have the volume cranked I can hear it barely, so I know the signal is still coming through. Any idea of what could cause this? I have a multimeter, so I can check values/continuity. Each pin on the gain switch has continuity with the other point it is soldered to. Also, when activating either switch, there is a loud click and half a second of complete silence before the signal comes back through. Is there any way to reduce that silence? Thanks for any pointers!

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Hi...I think most DAP's are more than adequate to power the HD558/598's cause they're only about 50 ohms, which is quite easy to drive so volume shouldn't be an issue. However, the sound overall is a bit fuller when amping with the E11. This is especially noticable with the bass. It sounds fuller and richer. So overall I personally feel there's still a slight improvement in sound regardless of the volume level. I'm not sure about the 598's. But the 558's are a bit lighter in bass compared to my other phones. So the extra fullness in sound in the low end by amping is a great match for me.