Making holes in aluminium enclosures.

Can anyone give tips on how to drill doles in the aluminum enclosures spld by Tayda? (e.g. and
I don't have any tools and I've long forgotten drilling I did in my past.

Drilling is the best way to pierce through the aluminum enclosures but you can also hand bore them.
There area number of good videos on this:

If you do not have access to drill and find hand boring way to time-consuming (it is very arduous) I would consider getting the plastic enclosure Tayda sells and using a sharp razor knife and regular drill bits to bore through it.

Hope this helps. Good luck

It certainly does help. Thanks. Great videos. Much appreciated.

I think I'll start with the plastic enclosures. If they can't take the strain then I'll get one of those stepped drill-bits :)


Two key parts of the process are centerpunching then drilling a pilot hole. These steps make sure that your hole will be in the location you wanted it to be.

Drills will walk a little when you start them, and the bigger they are the worse the tendency is.

Lay out all of your holes, punch the centers, then use a 3/16" inch drill bit to put pilots in them.


Thank you for that tip. I do experience 'walking' with drilling. I've kind of 'punched' when drilling into walls (even though not very successfully :s) but with the enclosures it never occurred to me. Thanks once more for the advice guys.