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need to light leds using 110AC

I need a few hundred leds to run on 110v ac.
I think the following would make it happen. can you confirm or suggest the correct stuff?

AC 110v --->
Full Wave Dual DC Power Circuit up to 3 Amps / 50V K020
DC --->
Adjustable Dual Voltage Regulator Kit with 1.5 Amps Rating and Filter Capacitors K026
LEDs --->
Emitting color: White
Diameter: 10mm
Lens color: Water Clear
Forward voltage(V): 3.2-3.4
Current(mA): 20
View angle: 30
how many 20ma leds will each of the dual DC regulator support?

5 days in review so far...
can anyone just answer my questions so I can buy the parts I need?


i have just used a 82k resistor in series with the led to connect to 110vac

the led is a diode in itself, the resistor drops most of the voltage. the resistor value will vary with different led current requirements. this should give about 2 ma (120vrms x 1.414=169vpeak) divide 169 by 82kohm and that would give .002amps (1.414 is the square root of 2) the formula to find Vrms is Vp/(√2) , meaning that Vp=Vrms * √2

hope this helps