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Help soldering strip board

E7 Sal

I have a lot of trouble soldering on strip board. The solder tends to build up on the silver strip rather than in the circuit hole. I have tried to use flux to help but it actually seems to make it worse.

Make sure you are getting total thermal linkage. To ensure that you get good contact on all surfaces it's best to have a tip that provides the most area to fit the size of work you're doing. Ensure your soldering iron is well tinned and get both the component and the contacts on the board well heated, and soldered within 2 seconds.

Flux is a good help, especially when doing very small work, or soldering IC's or headers to the board and ensure you're getting good thermal linkage, as well as allowing the solder to flow evenly.

There are a ton of videos out there but the best I've found is:

Hope this helps.

E7 Sal

Thanks. I will check out the video.
I feel like maybe my tip needs to be replaced. It seems like I have to hold the tip on the contacts for extended periods and touch the solder to the tip longer than needed to get it to react.
I have used flux, but on the strip board it tends to cause the solder to spread down the strips more, so I stopped.

Thanks again